Video Marketing

It very important to get customers involved in your videos.  Promoting your videos assure that it is accessible to new customers through various advertising platform. Making a great video is just the first step. Promoting your videos is essential step that grab the attention of new customers. Did anyone actually watch your video? Even if your video is great, if no one sees it is wastage of your money. We revamp your web pages on your website with keywords to promote or boost the business through advertising video.

Our well qualified team promotes the video on company’s portals or other related sites where you deliberated audience might be. In Pixstar Auto we develop an email campaign to promote the video to your key audiences. We create a process to move prospective viewers through your sales cycle once they have viewed the video. Our Team tests the video before widely launching it to make sure it accomplishes what you want it to.



We do in your budget and make sure that you’ll get it exactly right the first time through. We create a campaign for social media, a Personal Relation campaign or some other promotional activity to build interest and awareness for the video.

Our Team place the video on social video platforms like Vimeo, Youtube or Daily Motion etc. The video production piece (creating and editing) represents about 1/3 of the total value in the video development process. Designing (developing the relevant messages for your audience) and promotion (making sure the video is seen by audience) are both just as important.

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